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Bolsa de arcilla extra

for Heatbag

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Upgrade your Heatbag to get a second clay bag. Always have a Heatbag on hand to use either hot and cold, and reuse as many times as you need.

Naturalmente lista

La bolsa de arcilla natural se empareja con la funda de tu Heatbag. El calor natural, duradero y sin necesidad de agua te permite disfrutar de un momento de Self-Care cuando quieras.

Efecto calor-frío

For hot effect, simply heat up the clay bag and enjoy long-lasting warmth while relaxing on the sofa, at bedtime, or to soothe everyday aches and pains. For cold effect, keep the clay bag in the freezer in its included hermetic bag for at least 1 hour. Get instant soothing relief from pain or strain.

Fácil y seguro de usar

Slow-release heat and cold are focused on the desired spot. The soft Heatbag cover ensures a long-lasting, safe experience and protects you from burns.

Características del producto

Arcilla natural, glicerina, agua


Certificado FDA y CE


31,4 x 18,5 x 2 (cm)
12,4 x 7,3 x 0,8 (pulgadas)

650g / 1,45lb

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